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Essential CVS

Essential CVS
Version Control and Source Code Management


Essential CVS

Essential CVS is a complete and easy-to-follow reference that helps programmers and system administrators apply order to the task of managing large quantities of documents. The book covers basic concepts and usage of CVS, and features a comprehensive reference for CVS commands--including a handy Command Reference Card for quick, on-the-job checks. The book also includes advanced information on all aspects of CVS that involved automation, logging, branching and merging, and "watches."

Table of Contents:
  • Preface
  • Part I: Introduction
    • Chapter 1: What Is CVS?
    • Chapter 2: CVS Quickstart Guide
  • Part II: Using CVS
    • Chapter 3: Basic Use of CVS
    • Chapter 4: Tagging and Branching
    • Chapter 5: Multiple Users
  • Part III: CVS Administration
    • Chapter 6: Repository Management
    • Chapter 7: Project Management
    • Chapter 8: Remote Repositories
    • Chapter 9: Troubleshooting
  • Part IV: Reference
    • Chapter 10: Command Reference
    • Chapter 11: Miscellaneous Topics Reference
  • Part V: Appendixes
    • Appendix A: Clients and Operating Systems
    • Appendix B: Administrator's Tools
  • CVS Quick Reference